Content editing, also called developmental editing, takes a broad-brush approach to your book manuscript and deals with structural issues, content/theme development, and pacing. The service may include moving, cutting, and shaping at the chapter and paragraph level, and the editor will suggest the strongest opening for your book to achieve maximum punch. All fiction manuscripts are assessed for character development, plot, dialogue, and story flow. Service includes light sentence

tightening as well (see line editing description below). Requires 6-8 weeks for most books. Starting at 4 cents per wordClick for quote

Line editing--by far the most popular service--tightens wordy sentences, turns passive-voice to active-voice where necessary, and strengthens overall book flow. The resulting manuscript will be "you, only better." For fiction, editor will address theme, characterization, and plot issues as needed. Service also includes correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style. Requires 3-4 weeks for most books. 3 cents per word (note: may be higher for heavy line editing). Click for quote

Copyediting covers all the basics--correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style (Chicago Manual of Style). This service is recommended for manuscripts that have already been line edited or are "cleanly" written. Requires 2-3 weeks for most books. 2 cents per wordClick for quote

Proofreading gives your book a final polish before publication, catching typos or missed grammar/punctuation issues, making sure all formatting is correct, and collating the Table of Contents with the actual text chapter by chapter. Requires 1-2 weeks for most books. 1.2 cents per wordClick for quote


Ghostwriting:  Do you have a story to tell but prefer to hire a professional to write it? Or, if you're a speaker, are you a wellspring of good content but just don't have time to write a book? The Editorial Attic can help! We will take your notes and/or speaking transcripts and turn them into a polished manuscript, or--for the memoir/ autobiography--interview you to "pull" the story out of you, creating scenes and organizing them in such a way that your book grabs readers from the very first word. (Fees can vary widely due to the complexity and length of the project.) Click here to get a quote for your ghostwriting project. Be sure to type GHOSTWRITING in the subject line.

Manuscript Review: Give your manuscript a thorough editorial evaluation before publishing! A skilled editor will assess your manuscript for strengths and weaknesses (does it need a stronger opening? is the book well-organized? is the writing compelling to the reader?), making suggestions on how you can improve the overall "takeaway" of your book. The service includes a one-page itemized critique summary--and if we feel you should consider a different title, we'll suggest one for you. 2 cents per word for full Manuscript Review; $500 flat fee for "flyover" review of manuscripts up to 50,000 words (will customize quote for higher word count). Click for quote

Back-Cover Copy: You have about five seconds to grab a reader's attention, and yes a book is judged by its cover--first by the front cover of course, but secondly by that all-important back cover, where the reader finds out what your book is all about...and whether they should take the time to read it. Need someone to craft a market-worthy back-cover blurb that will hook a reader's interest? Choose this service! (Approx. 200 words): $150


Once you choose the editorial service you prefer, select "click for quote" to contact The Editorial Attic for a free phone consultation and quote customized to your project's needs. We will email you an invoice via PayPal for the 50% deposit to start the work. This can be paid with your PayPal account or any major credit card. Thank you for choosing The Editorial Attic!


Our list of services...

Author Coaching:

Do you have a book inside you but don't know how to start? Or you're well on your way but need some organizational help midstream. Do you sense the calling to write your life story but struggle with organizing your memories into readable prose? Is there a teaching or message bubbling to the surface of your thoughts, and now it's time to render it as written words? If you answered YES to any of these questions, you need an author coach! The author coach's job is to ask questions and make suggestions that lead you toward excellence in your own writing destiny. Choose either a onetime one-hour consultation to jump-start your book or a series of sessions to hone your fiction or nonfiction manuscript step by step along the way (all consultations are conducted by phone). 1-hour consultation $99                 3-Pak (3 hour-long consultations) $250