"When I use a word . . . it means just what I choose it to meanneither more nor less."
-Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

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YOU CAN BE AN AUTHOR!  Do you sense an untold story or message simmering inside you, that “fire-in-the-belly” urgency to get down on paper what’s been locked inside you--but you just don't know how to get started? Perhaps you already have your content but need help structuring your book for maximum potential. Or your book is already written, but you crave the expert eye of a trained professional to edit your content or offer an honest manuscript review before you publish. The Editorial Attic can help.

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3 Simple Things Top-Notch Writers Do
What if I told you three simple things you can do to improve your writing technique, to bump it to the level


Book Editing, Ghostwriting, Author Coaching: Do you have a book inside you but don't know how to start? Or you're well on your way but need some organizational help midstream.


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You already sense the calling to write; now it's time to take the next step--learn how to attract the attention of readers with crisp, compelling prose, taking your book manuscript to its fullest potential. Choose from our array of editorial services to take your book from conception to completion.